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Sublime® descaler is a water-based descaler containing wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and degreasing compounds. It is designed to penetrate and remove encrusted lime scale, corrosion products, rust, and dirt from water-wetted surfaces in equipment. The solution removes lime scale in commercial and industrial applications without costly disassembly.

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Sublime Water Scale Solvent

Sublime is a water-based solvent enhanced with wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and degreasing compounds. It is designed to penetrate and remove encrusted lime scale, rust, dirt and corrosion by-products from water-wetted internal surfaces of commercial and industrial processing equipment.

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  • Does not require pre-mixing; Does not separate
  • Effective- one gallon dissolves approx. 1.5 lbs. of scale
  • Safe- no special shipping, transportation or handling required
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Changes color from amber to purple when spent (pH 5.8)
  • Non-Hazardous, Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable
  • Pleasant odor, Free rinsing and Low foaming
  • Re-usable, if not spent

Why Use Sublime ?

The formation of scale in process equipment increases pressure drop, requiring more pumping horsepower to maintain volumetric throughput. Heat transfer surfaces gradually become fouled and thermal efficiencies decrease. 

Pieces of scale attach themselves to rotating equipment, i.e., pumps and
mixers, and cause bearing failure. If these problems sound familiar, then you know why you need to periodically clean the lime scale and rust out of the system with Sublime®.

Sublime® provides an excellent method to clean equipment without expensive disassembly. In some applications, the cleaning can be accomplished while the system is in operation. Sublime® can remove
scale in small, inaccessible places that cannot otherwise be cleaned

Our Services

We love serving our customers. We offer the best products on the market, but we back that up with excellent service. We can show you how to clean your equipment or we can clean it for you. Here at J&J, our industrial cleaning services include but are not limited to; vacuum pumps, heat exchangers, water cooled air compressors, green liquor lines, chillers, scrubbers, condensers, and evaporators just to name a few. 

J&J not only provides us with the Sublime, which works great, but also they provide full service for circulation and monitoring of their chemicals which has been huge for us.

We operate 24/7, 365 Days.

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Our descaler chemicals are available in -

5 and 6 gallon cases and 30, 55, 275, and 330 gallon totes.